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Columbia Audubon Society Board meeting February 20, 2013

Present: Laura Hillman, Bill Mees John Besser, Lisa Schenker, Allison Vaughn, Doug Miller, Eric Seaman Howard Hinkel, Alice Robinson, Lottie Bushman and Julie Fisher.

The minutes from the January meeting were reviewed. Doug moved that we accept with no changes. John second. Passed.

Eric gave the treasurer's report. The CAS Foundation funds will have earnings posted quarterly but the fees will be withdrawn monthly. The CD clue in 2015l was discussed. We could use the earnings for educational purposes and just keep track of the spending while keeping the principle intact. Howard moved we accept. Doug 2nd. Passed

Laura reported on the Parkside Estates development. She had presented a letter to Planning and Zoning. The City Council has tabled the decision until further work can be done on the plans. State Parks will work with the developers so that potential damage to Rock Bridge State Park is kept to a minimum.

There was a discussion of email privacy with the CAS list, It was decided that only emails from board members or with board approval can be sent. The emails should be related to CAS activities or birding. Bill will send a list of board members to Jim Gast. Doug moved we accept this proposal. Laura 2nd. Passed.

Articles for the Chat are due be March 5.

There have been 2 new members since the last board meeting.

Bill announced there will be a Prairie Chicken Festival in Nebraska April 5-7, 2013

There was extensive discussion about the ABA Youth Camp in Estes Park, Colorado, Reed Gerdes has applied for tuition funds from CAS. As part of our mission is education and we are trying to encourage young birders, it was decided to pay the tuition of $1095. It will be recorded as an educational expense. Lisa moved we accept. Julie 2nd. Passed.

Bill handed out an information sheet regarding the Band with Nature in April. He encouraged us to volunteer as much time as we could.

Two teachers had applied for Hog Island. The committee ranked them and it was decided to accept the higher one. There was some discussion about sending both but we felt that would set a precedent. The candidates didn't know how many had applied. Doug moved that CAS send Kimberly Devorss to Hog Island this summer. John 2nd. It passed with 3 opposing votes.

Field trips are scheduled for the next several months. Rachel Navarro from Art and Archeology could do a session using birds in the works of art.

There were 25 people present at the general meeting. The Resource Management and Interpretation Program director (John Cunningham) from Missouri State Parks presented a program "Interpretation and Education Through Various Media".'.

Bill made a few announcements after the session including encouragement to sign up for Band with Nature. He announced that CAS would sponsor Reed Gerdes for the ABA youth camp.

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