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Columbia Audubon Society Board meeting January 16, 2013

Present: Bill Mees, Lori Hagglund, John Besser, Jan Mees, Alice Robinson, Howard Hinkel, Eric Seaman, Julie Fisher, Doug Miller, Allison Vaughn, Lottie Bushmann, and Laura Hillman.

The minutes from the November board meeting were reviewed. A correction was made that Lottie (not CPS) is checking on credit for teachers who attend Hog Island. Julie moved we accept; Howard 2nd. Passed

Eric gave the treasurer's report. The bill for filing the tax forms was about $300 less than anticipated. He's still working to have the fine waived as CAS was unaware we needed to file even though we don't owe anything do to our nonprofit status. !/12 of 1% is paid out monthly for the Columbia Foundation to manage our investments with them. Howard moved we accept the report; Lottie 2nd. Passed.

The new CAS brochure is is ready and we were encouraged to hand it out at meetings we attend,etc. to encourage new members.

There was a report on the Christmas Bird Count in the Chat. There were actually 88 participants instead of the 81 reported. Laura moved that we send $100 to the Community of Christ Church for the use of their facility for the chili supper.. Lori 2nd. Passed. It was then suggested that we have co-chairs for the bird count - one person would be in charge of the count while the other person would oversee the chili supper. It was agreed that this was a good idea to implement for the next count.

Doug reported that no new members were added as a result of the postcard mailing to area national members.

Bill suggested that we have a process in place to approve purchases or other expenditures over the summer break. It was decided that a larger expense would be reported to the President and Treasurer and they would decide if the whole board needed to be involved.

There was was discussion of the proposed residential development, Parkside Estates, near Rock Bridge State Park. Several groups have already gone on record opposing it for environmental reasons and its impact on the park. Allison is involved with that through her work. Eric suggested a letter be sent from Audubon to oppose the development. Will get the membership's opinion during the business meeting.

It was suggested to have a link from Columbia to the lists on CACHE.

We will have name tags available at the meetings to help us get to know new people and make it easier for them to recall names of the people they meet.

The Education Committee will check into having a Youth Birding Class at Songbird. They will also look into the Youth Summer Camps offered by ABA in Delaware and Rocky Mt. They cost over $1100 without transportation.

Need a volunteer for a February field trip. Lottie ands Lori will lead a March one and there will be one at Wild Haven in April.

Lottie has sent reminders about Hog Island.

John reported that they didn't do a burn at Wild Haven. A large White Oak has died about 100 feet from the road. If someone else wanted to cut it up for the wood he wants them to take it all and not leave a brush pile.

There had been a "party" at the CANS property as reported by a neighbor. There didn't seem to be any damage. Bill reported that people continue to walk their dogs there. Bill suggested we have a kiosk there to share data, etc. He estimated it would cost $600 and he is willing to construct it. Julie moved we allow Bill to build the kiosk near the CANS entrance. Howard 2nd. Passed

There were 30 people present for the MRBO presentation Dana Ripper and Ethan Duke. The mission of the group is to contribute to the conservation of Missouri migratory and resident birds through research, monitoring and education.

A general business meeting follow their presentation.

There will we a field trip at Rock Bridge State Part on January 26.

The membership was informed about the Parkside Estates development. There was a consensus of agreement that CAS send a letter of opposition. Laura Hillman will draft a letter and a schedule will be sent to the membership when the issue comes up before the council.

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