The Columbia, Missouri chapter of the Audubon Society — serving Audrain, Boone, Cooper, Howard, Monroe & Randolph Counties

Columbia Audubon Society board meeting November 14, 2012

Present: Bill Mees, Eric Seaman, Allison Vaughn, Doug Miller, Jan Mees, Howard Hinkel, Alice Robinson, Laura Hillman, Lottie Bushmann, Julie Fisher, Lori Hagglund, and Bonnie Heidy.

The minutes from the October meeting were reviewed and one correction made ( the spelling of Emery Sapp’s name) Howard moved that we accept the corrected minutes; Laura 2nd; passed.

Eric gave the treasurer’s report that we had had approximately $16,000 in expenses since the last meeting. Doug moved we accept; Howard 2nd; passed.

Doug reported that the new brochures are ready except for a couple of drawings and the postcards will be sent to national members in the area who are currently not local members.

The “Evening with Audubon” at Songbird Station was well attended by the board and appreciated by the members.

The CANS parking lot “car stops” have been installed.

Doug reported that the Strategic Planning Committee will meet soon. Julie, Eric and Allison have agreed to serve along with him.

Eric reported that CAS needed to file a lengthy tax form due to the large donation this year even though no taxes are due. Howard moved we retain the accounting firm of Gerding, Korte and Chitwood to file the 2011 tax form which will cost approximately $800. Laura 2nd. Passed. It will be sent to the board for review.

CAS was informed about the high voltage lines that will be erected in southwest Columbia. Bill attended an information meeting and reported that they probably will not affect the CANS property.

There was discussion about encouraging new members through advertising. Allison will check on rates for the Maneater. Julie will continue to post announcements about upcoming events such as field trips on MOBirds.

The information on Hog Island will go to teachers after the holidays. Lottie is checking on college and/or inservice credit for attendees.

John was absent but Allison reported that they will do another burn at Wild Haven. A Girl Scout project is in progress at CANS involving post markers with accompanying brochure. Bill will check with Nicholas March about Albert Children’s Nature Area.

Laura reported that teams are formed for the Christmas Bird Count and a sheet will be passed to sign up for the chili supper to follow. The count has been registered on the Audubon web site.

There is a field trip to the CANS property Dec. 8. The possibility of doing a trip to see Prairie Chicken mating was discussed.

Bill showed pictures for a possible kiosk for CANS. It would cost about $500-600.

Jan will send the Chat out right after Thanksgiving. She encouraged people to send her articles, book reviews, etc.

There were 29 present for the general meeting. Lottie Bushmann and Becky Elder presented an interesting program on their experiences at the National Audubon Hog Island educators week.

Bill gave several announcements after the program to inform the membership about sending another teacher to Hog Island, the CBC and chili supper, retaining the accounting firm, progress on the boardwalk at CANS. There was also an appeal for articles for the Chat.

Edge announced that if people are interested in going on the weekly bird count at Eagle Bluffs they should contact her.

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