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Columbia Audubon Society board meeting October 17, 2012

Present: Bill Mees, Jan Mees, Lori Hagglund, Alice Robinson, Lottie Bushmann, Howard Hinkel, Eric Seaman, John Besser, Laura Hillman, Doug Miller, and Allison Vaughn.

The minutes from the September board meeting were reviewed and several typo corrections made. Lori moved we accept, Howard 2nd. Passed

Eric gave the treasurer’s report. CAS will pay $5352 for the cement work on the CANS parking lot which was slightly less than the $6,000 designated for the cement. John moved we accept the report, Howard 2nd. Passed.

Bill reported that the Band With Nature for second graders went very well. Mel Toellner of Songbird Station paid the expenses that CAS incurred. Lottie stated that the Lee School teachers that were involved were very complimentary of the day.

Doug presented the rough draft of the new brochure for CAS. A few suggestions were made as to the graphics and the fact that only Albert Children’s Wildlife area is not open to the general public. Doug will make changes and print them.

Bill reported on his presentation to the Adult Forum at the U.U. Church. They suggested that most people are bird watchers and not birders.

He passed around copies of the thank you to Crockett Engineering and Emery Sapp and Sons that appeared in the Tribune. Without their free services, it would have cost CAS $25-27,000. Still need to purchase “car stops” for each parking space. Each costs 27.50 with a $40 delivery and installation fee. Lottie moved we spend the $342.50 to purchase and install them. John 2nd. Passed

Doug showed us the postcard that will be sent to National Audubon members encouraging them to join CAS. It will cost approximately $130. Doug moved we send the cards, Laura 2nd. Passed.

The Salvation Army has sent a request for bell ringers. It was decided that we would not pursue that.

There will be a note on the web site and also in the Chat to suggest that people give a gift of CAS membership to a friend; Songbird Station will have a 10% off coupon available.

There will be an evening with Audubon at Songbird Station Friday, October 19, 2012.

If CAS is going to send a teacher to Hog Island next summer, we need to start the process soon,

John reported that the work day at Wildhaven to clear the meadow of woody invasives went well. There were 8 present.

Heritage Academy used CANS for a science class and the Girl Scouts for a project.

There is a new sign at CANS prohibiting parking from dusk to dawn. Police can arrest if there is a violation.

Jan requested articles for the Chat. There will be a reminder about the CBC and chili supper on Dec. 15

The November meeting has been moved to the second Wednesday due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

CAS helped with field trips for Gold Crest Dist. Earlier in the month providing 7 leaders at Little Dixie Lake and 6 for Whetstone Creek CA. Bill and Julie staffed a vendor booth at “Wild Bird Expo 2012”. Gold Crest made a $100 donation to CAS.

There were 37 present for the general meeting. Noppadol Paothong, photographer for the Missouri Conservation magazine, gave a very interesting presentation on his new book “Save the Last Dance”. Someone also had taken video clips of him photographing the birds in often extreme conditions. He held a book signing after the meeting.

Bill gave an update of the Band With Nature and general announcements. Refreshments were enjoyed around the book signing.

Respectfully submitted, Alice Robinson

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