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Special Board Meeting of Columbia Audubon Society, April 4, 2012

Present: Julie Fisher, Mike Szydlowski, Bill Mees, Lottie Bushman, Lisa Schenker, Edge Wade, Eric Seaman, Alice Robinson and Doug Miller

Julie was in charge of the meeting as Howard was ill. She laid the “ground rules” for the meeting and asked that we raise hands to be recognized before speaking. The background for this session being that Edge had proposed that there could be school involvement at CANS with perhaps fourth or fifth grades. MRBD became involved as did Mike the science coordinator for CPS. The project grew to include all 2nd grades as this type of field trip best fit their curriculum.

Lisa – hadn’t received any emails on this. Mill responded that Lottie was the board rep for education and so didn’t copy her.

Mike – Wanted all schools involved and trying to get all teachers involved. 77% said they wanted to participate. About 1375 enrolled in 2nd grade. MDC grants will go through Science office and buses will be through MDC. Will need portable bathrooms on site. Volunteers will include H.S. biology teachers and students, MDC and BRBD and CAS.

Edge – Stated that we were here because she objected to the scope of the project. Concerned that it was too large and was an invitation for mayhem. Concerned that it became “educational event” to serve all instead of a demonstration event. Questioned what the goals and objectives were.

Lisa – Can this be education with that many kids. Had taken 44 kids to EB with 7 adults and couldn’t imagine hundreds of young 2nd graders in that situation.

Bill – He and Howard had previously taken Mike out to see the CANS property. Needs of CAS and CPS(equality for all the schools) were considered. Even with good planning, something will go wrong. Will leave the outcomes, goals to CPS.

Edge – Hasn’t seen goals, outcomes. Advocates smaller demo event and save larger for next year.

Julie – CAS and CPS need to discuss if CANS is large enough. Could have 2 different venues or 2 times.

Lottie – The curriculum has been discussed – nature habitats. That age needs to be actively engaged.

Mike – Teachers will have training opportunity as well as volunteers.

Bill- Observed school groups recently in state capitols and didn’t see problems. Stations set up around CANS would be about 25 minutes and many areas there would be appropriate.

Julie – May be more difficult to corral the kids outdoors.

Doug – CAS needs to decide which areas would be appropriate for use.

Julie – Different site could be used such as Stephens Park

Bill – Stephens Park is not a Nature area and can’t close the park so you would have others present too.

Lisa – Need to have shade available.

Mike/Bill Goals for CAS and CPS both need to be considered. HS biology students well help with one HS student for each 6 second graders. Last week of April would work if smaller pilot done in fall.

Bill – Couldn’t do 2 sites during same time. Many of the details have already been discussed.

Julie – Out of the different options discussed tonight there seems to be agreement to do a one day pilot program in the fall with about 300 students and the rest in the spring of 2013. The core planning committee will meet soon to discuss details.

Before the meeting adjourned, Eric announced the CAS is the recipient of $150,000 from the estate of Josesh Koster.

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