The Columbia, Missouri chapter of the Audubon Society — serving Audrain, Boone, Cooper, Howard, Monroe & Randolph Counties

Board meeting of Columbia Audubon Society, February 15, 2012

Present: Howard Hinkel, Eric Seaman, Allison Vaughn, Doug Miller, Alice Robinson, Bill Mees, John Besser, Laura Hillman, Lottie Bushman, Jan Mees and Julie Fisher.

The minutes from the January board meeting were reviewed. Doug mentioned that he and Allison didn’t help compile the projects list for CANS but are on the committee. Correction made. Doug moved we accept minutes; John 2nd. Passed.

Eric presented the treasurer’s report. The 2nd and final $9,000 installment from the city for trail right of way has been received. John moved we accept report. Doug 2nd. Passed.

Allison stated there is an opportunity to obtain a grant being offered to Audubon societies from National Audubon Society and Toyota for ecosystem restoration. The grants are for up to $20,000. Allison will write up the grant application.

Doug mentioned that we need email addresses from the national members in our area to encourage their participation in the local chapter. Even though member dues were collected in September, the Chat will continue to run the form for people who want to join now.

John presented a “to do” list of projects for Wildhaven. Some would be for volunteers and others hired out. There are plans for a spring work day and possibly a spring bird walk. There was also discussion about having the May picnic there again.

Bill hadn’t heard back from Crockett Engineering in regards to the parking lot and assumed they were waiting for approval from the city. He will check again next week.

Laura stated that the Migratory Bird Count is scheduled for the 2nd Saturday of May. There is a problem with obtaining past data and Allison volunteered to work on that. Christmas bird count completed.

Julie has taken on the project of seeking business partners. Currently Songbird Station is the only business sponsor. A one year sponsorship would be $300 and would include ad in Chat each issue, tax deductible, plaque or certificate to display in their business, recognition on CAS web site and a poster at our meetings. Other businesses suggested were Bourn Feed, MFA, Orscheln, Westlakes and landscape businesses.

Hog Island started registration for summer 2012 in November. Lottie will check if there are still openings. If there is room, it was suggested that the CPS science coordinator could identify someone to attend. There is $900 in the CAS budget for a teacher grant.

Howard stated that the president and treasurer are to be elected in May, 2012. Howard would serve on the board as immediate past president. A field trip coordinator is also needed. Laura volunteered to chair the nominating committee and will be joined by 2 at-large members.

Bill gave a report (with handout) of the program in September for all CPS 2nd graders proposed to be held at CANS. Columbia Public Schools, Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri River Bird Observatory and Columbia Outdoor Classroom Project would handle everything with volunteer assistance from CAS and other groups. This will be presented to the membership after the program tonight.

There were 24 present for the general meeting. Brad Jacobs of the Missouri Department of Conservation spoke on International Bird Conservation and his work with Partners in Flight in Central America.

Vic Bogosian, wildlife biologist at Eagle Bluffs, shared ideas in which CAS could help by recording the birds in a shorebird area (near pool 4) identified as “red” or “blue” areas. Lists could be left in drop box at the EB headquarters. He’s also starting a Martin house project and desires volunteers to check the nests, etc. CAS has 2 feeders to donate to the area around the headquarters. Need shepherd’s crooks to hang the feeders. Scouts and master naturalists could work on landscaping.

Business meeting followed program.

Appeal for 2 people to be an nominating committee that Laura will chair.

Howard and Bill explained the “bird Festival” proposed for CPS 2nd graders in September. There were many supportive comments from the members. Julie brought up some concerns such as no restrooms, perhaps neighbor objections, safety and that only part of CANS suitable for large groups. CAS will solicit comments from the membership through a notice in the Chat.

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