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Board meeting of Columbia Audubon Society January 18, 2012

Present: Howard Hinkel, John Besser, Alice Robinson, Edge wade, Allison Vaughn, Bonnie Heidy, Laura Hillman, Lottie Bushman, Doug Miller and Bill Mees.

Howard introduced Lottie Bushman who will co-chair the Outreach and Education committee with Lisa Schenker. Lottie will attend the board meetings.

The minutes for the November 16, 2011 meeting were read Bonnie moved to accept as written; Julie 2nd. Passed unanimously.

Eric was out of town so treasurer’s report was postponed until next month. Howard reported that the first $9,000 from the city for the CANS land bike trail has been deposited. The board agreed that Eric would not need to renew the bulk railing number as most members now receive the Chat electronically. Edge mentioned that if we need bulk mailing in the future, we could use one of the mailing services.

Doug encouraged us to try and attract new, younger members.

We currently don’t have a conservation chair and Allison suggested we need to work on that in order to have a vocal presence in the community and state regarding conservation issues. Edge have background information of CAS involvement but funding now goes to State Audubon for lobbying, etc. and consequently not much is being done. Allison will talk to Dave Bedan and write up a position description to be posted on the CAS web site.

There was a brief discussion of the CANS parking lot project and the need for it. There was a meeting earlier in January with some of the board and neighbors on Bray. Their concerns were addressed with appropriate responses. Bill moved we proceed with parking lot plans as described in document of current plan. Edge 2nd. Passed unanimously.

Bill presented a list of future projects to be considered for the CANS property to enhance the land to make it more inviting for the public, school groups, etc. He, Allison and Doug created the list.

A report was given on the meeting Howard, Bill and Lottie had with Dana Ripper and Ethan Duke of MRBO at CANS which could possibly be a site for banding activity. The committee is also working with CPS on a Flying Wild program and want to target 2nd graders the next school year for that and other educational opportunities. They need more committee members. Training for teachers would probably occur the end of May or early June, 2012.

Bill mentioned that Jan needs information for the Chat by next week.

General Meeting: 40+ in attendance

Paul Nelson, a forest ecologist, presented a program “Biodiversity in Missouri”. He was the Natural History Department Chief for Missouri State Parks for 30 years and is now the forest ecologist for the Mark Twain National Forest.

There was a brief break for refreshments before reconvening for the business meeting. (18 present)

Howard gave an update on the plans for using CANS for educational purposes and engaging the general public. Bill added to Howard’s comments.

There was a plea for more members.

There was a discussion and update of the parking lot plans (appears on web site) The meeting with the board and neighbors was summarized. The board voted tonight to proceed with the lot using a concrete surface.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:20 PM

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